Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Newbie.. ME..

Good day every one!

I guess this will be my first blog. (Yehey! *clap* *clap* *clap*). Hhhmm.. Actually my second, I supposed. But, my first entry was a poem (Vox Humana), I just posted it as a sample though, while I was just starting up with my blog. Well, anyway, I finally thought of creating one, since I have lots of free time in my hands.

I’m a lazy person. I hate to write. I don’t like long walks and going-out. I don’t like parties. I don’t even like doing simple things. To make the long story short, I really don’t like doing anything at all. (bwahahaha!).

Maybe now you’re asking me, why the hell would I be creating a blog if I’m such a lazy person? Well, my answer is simple, I’m BORED! And when Boredom strikes Curiosity comes, as Dorothy Parker said: “The cure for boredom is curiosity.”, then this is the time that THE COUCH POTATO was born. (*winks*)

In my vacant time, (well, I have lots of them) I just lay in my bed or in a couch, grab the remote of a Television, click on the power button, then whulla! I’d channel surf. Look on some interesting movies/shows to watch. Sometimes, when there is none, I switch on the radio and do some sound trip. I usually sing along, singing on the top of my voice, I don’t actually care if the neighbours would throw some tomatoes on me. Well, if that would actually happen, I would be happy because I would have free tomatoes for my salad. (ehehehe..) And most of the time, I would be spending my time in front of the computer, surfing the net. Looking for interesting things, chat with old friends; know what’s on the headlines and searching for the latest movies, music and books. Any interesting things, I would try to search it up. This is why I am The Couch Potato. I am totally a couch potato!

Well, honestly, my main reason for creating this blog site is to share and learn. hhmm.. And yes, I guess, just to kill some time. I hope that you’d enjoy my page and would share any interesting thing.

Kudos to all!

By the way, I am a newbie on this so hope you’d still enjoy.

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